Bjarke Ingels - Good Design - Video

Bjarke Ingels: “Good Design Is Careful, Bad Design Is Careless”

“It is important that our motivation in life is to do what you want.” A powerful quote with which Bjarke Ingels starts. In the approximately 4-minute video, the Danish architect discusses good architecture, but also good design – and what it means to him.

In doing so, Ingels explains that people with the most diverse professions from 25 different nationalities work at the BIG headquarters. This, he says, is an important aspect for him in bringing good design to light, “because there’s a lot more questioning.” In addition, he said, so many more ideas, insights, and information come together within a project that is needed as a whole: “For example, what are the implications of climate, building code, or the social behavior of the residents on the architecture?”

At the end of the video, Bjarke Ingels describes that good design results primarily from good decisions. It’s always about improving the quality of life, he says. In other words, “Good design is careful, bad design is careless”, Bjarke Ingels is convinced.

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