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Armand de Brignac Brut Gold In Fine Piano Vanish Box

For those who like it exclusive and want to stand out, the Brut Gold Cuvée from Armand de Brignac is just right: The minimalist-looking, yet very detailed golden bottle not only stands out from all the other champagnes in the wine cellar. It is also sure to catch the eyes of others when served.

“Refinement and exclusivity are qualities that describe not only Armand de Brignac’s contents but also its the packaging… I was afraid that the luxurious presentation might lead me to think this champagne was incredible simply because of its bottle”, says world-renowned Spanish wine critic José Peñin.

The gilded prestige cuvée of Armand de Brignac with ace of spades logo

The extravagant, gold-plated Presitge cuvée with the Ace of Spades logo has its origins in the French fashion world. Originally conceived for the famous Courrèges fashion house – named after André Courrèges, a French fashion designer – the unique bottles are covered with a golden robe at a single location in the French Cognac region. Four pewter labels are then applied by hand to the surface of the bottles – Armand de Brignac does not use paper labels at all.

Bedded in black velvet with noble gold embroidery

The luxury label Armand de Brignac is the “state of the art” brand in the house of Cattier. Thus, two different packaging variants were made for this jewel: One in a black velvet bag, gold-embroidered with the logo of Armand de Brignac, and the second in a noble lacquer box – also provided with the emblem of Armand de Brignac. Inside, the wooden box is covered with black velvet that is very elegant to the touch, on which a pewter plaque with the name of the cuvée is placed.

The result is a real pleasure both for the eye and for the hands. A symbiosis of an exclusive exterior and an equally exclusive interior has been created across the board. But not only the packaging is very positive, but also the content of this cuvée can convince from sure.

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