Sagmeister & Walsh - Aizone - Making-of

Making-of: The Aizone Campaign 2013 by Sagmeister & Walsh

“There is no such thing as a Sagmeister look or a Sagmeister technique”, says Stefan Sagmeister. After all, he approaches every task anew. This, he says, is precisely the reason why so many creations emerge that are far removed from the usual notion of design and photography.

But not only Sagmeister, who is known for his extraordinary creations for musicians such as Lou Reed, the Rolling Stones, and David Byrne, but also his partner, the 24-year-old Jessica Walsh, can convince all along the line. As a duet, the two New York creatives are all the more successful, after all, they were able to present another absolute must-see with the realization of the new fall/winter campaign for the fashion and luxury company Aizone.

For the current Aizone fall/winter campaign, Russian body painter Anastasia Durasova created a wide range of motif variations from a strongly highlighted and dynamic typography. This, in combination with various lively color schemes, is intended to reflect the core values of the Aizone brand. The inspiring maxims such as Play Hard, Make Your Luck, So It Goes, Go Go Go, and Be Free play an important role.

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