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Pushing Boundaries: adidas Group Annual Report 2012

Pushing boundaries and getting better all the time is the claim and part of adidas’ self-image. The motto applies equally to the development of innovative products and to the Group’s economic success. But the Franconian sporting goods manufacturer is not the only one with this kind of claim.

In creating the adidas Group Annual Report 2012 “Pushing Boundaries”, the owner-managed and strategy-oriented design agency Strichpunkt made it its task to worthily stage both the attitude to life and the team spirit that characterize the Group and its customers.

Pushing Boundaries unites the heterogeneous brand world of the adidas Group

The public perception of the adidas Group is strongly influenced by the appearances of the individual brands adidas, TaylorMade-adidas Golf, Reebok, Reebok-CCM Hockey, and Rockport. One of the key tasks of the report is to connect the heterogeneous brand world in a common message.

The 2012 adidas Annual Report “Pushing Boundaries” takes a holistic look at the successes of the past fiscal year and presents promising developments and innovations for the future. Thus, not only novel products that set standards and help break records but also the top athletes and trendsetters behind them, who embody the adidas brand feeling, are presented and examined in more detail.

The Strichpunkt agency pushes the boundaries of what is possible

Unusual processing details prove the claim of this report: the cover resembles a folded jersey and symbolizes both the sportive and the economically competitive character of the adidas Group. Inside the cutout is a small booklet, on whose cover a textile label unites all the Group’s brands. In addition to all the essential information, the booklet itself contains a fanfold that brings all the brands together in one image – and at over 2.50 meters pushes the boundaries of what is possible.

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