Stephen Wiltshire - Drawing New York

Stephen Wiltshire: The Living Camera Paints New York

Buildings, cities, landscapes – nothing is safe from him. Everything is drawn. The Briton Stephen Wiltshire was born in London in 1974 and remained behind in his development against other children. At the age of three he was diagnosed as autistic. Two years later, at the age of five, Stephen’s above-average penchant for drawing was discovered. It was a way of communicating for him until he finally learned to speak at the age of nine.

In 1987 Wiltshire came into contact with literary agent Margaret Hewson. Fascinated by his passion, she gave him a place at the highly respected City and Guilds of London Art Academy, where he studied drawing and painting. Today, the autistic artist is known recently under the nickname “living camera” and his cityscapes such as Tokyo, Frankfurt, Dubai, London and New York are world famous.

Once Stephen Wiltshire has seen buildings, cities or landscapes, he puts even the most complex impressions down in detail from memory. In this way, for example, after a helicopter flight lasting several minutes, he drew whole panoramic pictures of cities on gigantic canvases that did not lack a window or a chimney. This was also the case in spring 2011, when Wiltshire flew over Manhattan by helicopter for the UBS campaign “We will not rest” and then sketched the world’s largest metropolis from memory.

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