NFT Auction: Cj Hendry Auctions Basquiat And Warhol Artwork

The idea for the legendary photo showing Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat wearing boxing gloves originated in a New York backroom in the 1980s. Some 30 years later, artist Cj Hendry has now caused a stir with her photorealistic illustration of the image.

Australian artist Catherine Jenna Hendry is known for her hyper-realistic and large-scale illustrations of luxury objects not only on Instagram, but also in the global art scene. A few years ago, Cj Hendry created an extremely detailed drawing of the photo that legendary photographer Michael Halsband took on July 10, 1985 during a shoot with the two pop art luminaries.

A few days ago, Hendry received a cease-and-desist letter from Halsband. The photographer demanded that the artist immediately destroy the artwork and accuses her of copyright infringement. “The artwork was never intended for sale”, Cj Hendry wrote on Instagram. “I created the illustration for me. The painting was meant to hang in my studio.”

In the end, Cj Hendry complied with Michael Halsband’s request in a special way: The artist destroyed the illustration by spraying black paint over the image and then auctioning it off at an NFT auction. “It’s crazy how many hours it can take to create a piece of art, but it only takes seconds to destroy it”, Hendry said.

Under the extremely apt title “COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT”, the crypto art was auctioned off for 2.75 ETH (the equivalent of about 5,000 euros).

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