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Hamburg Banksy Street Art Destroyed By Unknown Person

The identity of probably the greatest graffiti phenomenon of our time is still unknown, although he sells his pictures for millions to world stars such as Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. It is all the more tragic that unknown persons have now destroyed the last surviving motif of the British street artist Banksy in the Steinwegpassage in Hamburg’s Neustadt.

The stencil painting “Bomb Hugger” was one of a total of three images that Banksy sprayed in Germany as part of the Urban Discipline festival in 2002. It shows a girl on a gray concrete column hugging a bomb. As the Twitter image of Ms. Krüger @miecken shows, even the acrylic glass pane installed in 2011 by the Spiegelberger Foundation to protect the street art could not prevent the damage.

A so-called dripping line destroys hamburger Banksy

Directly above the motif, unknown persons smeared with blue paint not only grafitti – the term graffiti was misspelled – on the concrete column, but below it an obviously slowly drawn dripping line that ran in streaks down and over the picture.

According to the SZ, no report has been filed with the police since it became known through @miecken’s tweet published on February 10 and @toniecke’s post on Instagram the same day. Further, Urbanshit reports that a similar art busting occurred some time ago in Leipzig and the Madonna of the French artist Blek le Rat was destroyed.

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