Zaha Hadid - Portrait

Architect Zaha Hadid Receives Royal Gold Medal Award

Since 1848, the RIBA Award has been presented by the Royal Institute of British Architects in the name of the Queen to individuals or groups who have made a substantial contribution to international architecture. Today, Zaha Hadid was honored by Her Majesty the Queen with the 2016 Royal Gold Medal. The Iraqi-born architect is thus the first woman to be awarded this honorable distinction.

Zaha Hadid is one of the international greats in the field of architecture, with a penchant for convex curves and seamless structural forms that seem far ahead of our time. She is known for her buildings as well as scientific works, says the RIBA jury: “Each of her dynamic and innovative projects builds on over thirty years of revolutionary experimentation in the fields of architecture, design, and urbanism.”

Zaha Hadid is the first woman in the world to receive Royal Gold Medal

According to Hadid, there have been enormous changes in recent years, but the proud award winner reacts calmly: “Female architects are increasingly represented in the scene, but that doesn’t mean it’s getting easier as a woman.” She continues, “This award is great recognition for me, my company, and for our clients. It’s always exciting to work with people and visions.”

We congratulate Zaha Hadid as well as the entire team for the Royal Gold Medal 2016 and look forward to many more architectural designs.

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