Tonnatak - Island Summer House 1

This Icelandic Summer House Is The Ideal Retreat

With the Icelandic summer house, Tonnatak’s creatives show a completely new style. On a living space of around 100 square metres, two-thirds of the wall construction consists of huge panoramic windows through which you can admire the beautiful view of the rugged Icelandic topography. The architecture and design of the house are simple yet inviting for a cosy stay. The summer house combines in an excellent way the highlights of classic houses with the clear, minimalist lines of modernity.

The interior of the summer house shines with unobtrusive luxury

The almost straightforward house seems quite unusual at first glance, as the terrace, house and railing merge smoothly into each other, almost as if it were printed with a gigantic 3D printer. While the exterior walls are mainly made of wood, the interior of the summer house is dominated by white, smooth walls and slate grey exposed concrete slabs. These reflect the conditions of Icelandic nature perfectly. All in all, the interior design is luxurious and glamorous without being pompous.

Shades of gray and black dominate the color scheme

In the colour scheme, grey and black colours with darkened glass and stainless steel were combined and coordinated with each other. If the summer house was recently up for sale, it has now changed hands for a price of 385,000 euros. A proud price, we think. But honestly, would you like to live in this house? And how many times would you use the Jacuzzi? Let us know in the comments.

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