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TOG x Oper46: Flexible Work Space Opens In The Heart Of Frankfurt

“Good design is an important part of Work Spaces for us”, Charlie Green and Olly Olsen make clear at the beginning of the virtual opening of Oper46 in Frankfurt. Shortly after founding TOG (The Office Group), the two Co-CEOs realised that each space having their own design is one of the reasons to differentiate themselves from other co-working spaces. Moreover, it also offers the opportunity to create an atmosphere that is in line with the ever-changing world of work. “We want to create spaces that support businesses and help their people thrive”, says Charlie Green.

With the opening of Oper46, TOG, under the direction of Nasim Köerting, Head of Design, has opened a first Flexible Work Space in Frankfurt in close cooperation with the London-based architecture firm dMFK. This represents a forward-looking alternative to the otherwise conventional offices in the Main metropolis. “We are delighted to open Oper46 right here in the vibrant heart of Frankfurt”, explains Olly Olsen. The entire TOG team has spent a lot of time in Frankfurt to better understand both the environment and the local people and their needs, he adds.

Both the architecture and the interior of the Oper46 have a positive effect on the work

“Frankfurt is a sophisticated and dynamic city – it’s buzzing with activity and has an entrepreneurial attitude”, points out Nasim Köerting at the beginning of the 360-degree design tour of the office space. The reception of Oper46 already makes it clear that the Work Space is a welcome alternative to the otherwise typical corporate offices in the centre of Frankfurt. Past the brightly designed lounge, the path leads directly into the openly designed atrium, the heart of the Oper46 Work Space.

“In combination with the Spanish staircase, we have created a place where people can come together and exchange ideas over lunch or during events”, explains Köerting. The different perspectives overlooking the adjacent office and meeting rooms make it clear that both the architecture and the interior design defined by Nasim Köerting are intended to have a positive effect on work: “Natural light and calm colours are the focus, as both have an impact on creativity and sleep”, says the designer.

This realisation also illustrates why the individual offices are kept in a light grey and reduced to the bare essentials. Clients can thus set up their workplace individually and entirely according to their needs.

Design as a response to an ever-changing world of work

Arriving on the inviting roof terrace of Oper46, the 360-degree design tour ended with a fantastic view of the nearby opera house. “The demands on the modern working world have changed a lot in recent years”, Charlie Green and Olly Olsen make clear once again. “In addition, social media, but also external influences such as the current Corona pandemic, have a strong impact on how we work in the future.”

With Oper46 in Frankfurt, TOG offers an appealing flexible work space that, due to its design, offers a lot of leeway with regard to the constantly changing world of work. If you would like to try out one of the versatile workplaces in the heart of Frankfurt, you can book a visit here.

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