Office 04 - Tribal DDB - Amsterdam 1

Office 04 DDB Tribal By i29 Interior Architects

The renowned marketing agency DDB Tribal, based in Amsterdam, is part of the DDB International group, one of the world’s largest advertising agencies. Now the approximately eighty employees in Amsterdam have a new office, whose design was carried out by i29 Interior Architects from Duivendrecht. “For the new office of DDB Tribal, our goal was to create an environment in which creative and concentrated work is possible at the same time”, says i29 Architects.

The design concept combines a large number of workstations in a flexible, spacious grid of desks and partitions. In line with the corporate design, i29 has opted for white surfaces in combination with a high intensity of daylight, creating a pleasant working atmosphere that simultaneously conveys a sense of seriousness.

In addition, an efficient solution had to be found in terms of noise reduction: “An answer to our questions was provided by the material felt, which we had initially only considered for the ceiling covering”, i29 Interior Architects sum up.

Accordingly, the gray felt became the central design element of the Office DDB Tribal and was used and applied on the floor, the ceiling, the walls and as a cover for various pieces of furniture. And even though the material is considered soft and hard-wearing, according to i29 it was “not easy to create everything from one material.

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