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Ode To Scandinavia: The HÖST Restaurant By Norm Architects

What was intended as an ode to life in Scandinavia became an enormous success: industrial lighting, rough wood, and its own collection of tables and boards. The HÖST Restaurant relies on a variety of these design elements. The Danish architectural firm Norm Architects is responsible for this, having conceived and designed the premises in collaboration with the Menu design brand. The main focus was on modernity and the traditional understanding of Danish coziness.

The concept of permanence and the idea of a rural atmosphere give the HÖST Restaurant a special charm, without forgetting the familiar stylistic features of Art nouveau. For example, organic color nuances play just as important a role as the extravagant design of the table & tabletop collection.

The HÖST Restaurant has won many design awards thanks to its design

In the end, it is the authenticity as well as the many details that make the HÖST Restaurant a very special place. With its design, it transports Scandinavian life in an authentic way. Accordingly, it is not surprising that the architects and designers have won countless design awards with the design concept.

In addition, the restaurant is not only one of the “Best European Restaurants” with incomparable and distinctive design, but was also awarded, among others, the renowned London “The Restaurant & Bar Design Award”.

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