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Acne Store Concept: Sharp Cuts And Scandinavian Minimalism

Is it the minimalism that convinces? Is it the clear lines that run through the design? Or is it “simply” the skillful staging and composition of furniture and architecture? There is no question that when looking for good, coherent design, one comes across the Scandinavian countries, especially Sweden. It is a design that has been a testament to minimalism, functionality, and simple formality since the 1950s. When you think of modern design, names like Arne Jacobsen, Alvar Aalto, and Verner Panton are not far away.

The new Acne Studios present Swedish charm in the heart of Tokyo

So it’s no wonder that Scandinavian design is going around the world: the Swedish fashion label Acne combines the spirit of metropolises like New York or Tokyo with the charm and its own brand values from Sweden in its stores. “For our first store in Asia, we wanted to bring a piece of Sweden to Tokyo. The concept was to morph a modern Swedish house within a retail location”, says Acne’s creative director and co-founder, Jonny Johansson.

The concept was to morph a modern Swedish house within a retail location.

- Jonny Johansson

Using distinctive materials and textures such as dyed wood, stones or blue granite to visualize the Swedish summer light, the team around Jonny Johannson managed to create a store in Tokyo that reminds of a small Swedish home. The colors range from bright pink to Yves Klein blue as well as gray and black. “We also worked with transparent partitions which both reveal and conceal, constrain and liberate – a sort of sexy Swedish thing.”

Modern interpretation of Gustavian style

The intention was as much the challenge of New York as the city that never sleeps. The urbanity and everyday hectic of the metropolis is interrupted in the Acne Store by the Swedish design and their love of nature. The inspiration was still the minimalism and purism of the Swedes – also known as the “Gustavian Style”, which was to be interpreted in a modern way.

“Stockholm is a series of islands, and I wanted to do a take on that. Black and white block-striped tiles frame an island of green carpet, and a blue horizon glass panel is reminiscent of the colors of the Swedish archipelago, bringing a little bit of Stockholm to Manhattan”, Jonny adds.

Connection by design. Jättebra!

A story that shows that design connects far beyond national borders, brings cultures together, and brings the necessary contrast that every city needs to be interesting. Swedish design goes around the world and Acne manages perfectly to communicate its own brand essence on two levels: in interior design as well as in fashion. Jättebra

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