Zlatan Ibrahimovic - 805 Million Names

Zlatan Ibrahimovic – And A Message That Gets Under Your Skin

He is considered eccentric and egotistical. But Zlatan Ibrahimovic showed last weekend that the Paris St. Germain striker also thinks of names that nobody cares about with a special message.

In last Thursday’s league match against Caen, Ibra, as the Swede is nicknamed, scored after just 72 seconds to make it 1-0. He cheered briefly with his teammates, but then took off his jersey. Underneath, in addition to his own tattoos, he wore on his body names of about 50 people out of the total 78 million who receive nutrition assistance from WFP worldwide.

“Wherever I go, people recognize me, shout my name and cheer me”, Ibrahimovic said in the campaign video. “But there are names that no one remembers, that no one cheers for: those of the 805 million people worldwide who are currently suffering from hunger.”

With this action, the world footballer is supporting the “805 Million Names” project, with which the World Food Program (WFP) wants to draw attention to hunger in the world – with complete success: after just two days, the commercial of the same name has been clicked around 2.5 million times and shared many times by friends like David Beckham and Co.

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