Reduction As A Stylistic Device: The McDonalds Unbranded Campaign

No text. No logo. Only a few brands can afford that. Undoubtedly, McDonalds, as one of the best-known brands in the world, is one of the few were not only the logo but also the products have a high recognition value. From the hamburger to the Big Mac and the Happy Meal, all products are burned into the visual memory.

The extent to which this is the case is demonstrated by TBWA\France’s new print campaign, which dispenses with any elements of corporate design. The four campaign motifs, photographed by Sue Atkinson, each show only a close-up of a McDonald’s product, without any “message”.

“You can’t communicate”, Paul Watzlawick once said – and so the new McDonalds print campaign becomes a successful example of the current trend of (un)branding.

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