LEGO - IMAGINE Kampagne - Die Simpsons

Classic Advertising: Lego IMAGINE Campaign By Jung von Matt

LEGO is more than just a simple toy for children. It doesn’t matter whether you are young or old, the little colorful plastic building blocks have always fascinated us and have been inviting us to build and marvel for generations – at least as long as the imagination is strong enough.

If you roam through the toy departments of local supermarkets today, it quickly becomes clear that it is no longer about the simple, square building blocks from 1949. The focus is on ever more elaborate and precisely manufactured models from film and television. Over the years, more and more sophisticated building sets from LEGO Technick have also been added.

Asterix & Obelix, Lucky Luke, and The Simpsons from LEGO bricks

Be that as it may, even then, in the mid-1990s, interesting sculptures, architectural structures or exciting attractions could be created with just a few LEGO bricks. This idea was also taken up by the Jung von Matt with their LEGO campaign IMAGINE. The Hamburg-based advertisers used just a few LEGO bricks to build various sculptures, such as Asterix and Obelix, Ernie and Bert, Lucky Luke, the Ninja Turtles or the Simpsons.

Despite radical reduction, the campaign’s motifs met the viewer’s visual stimuli and became a complete success. Among other things, it symbolized creativity, simplicity and a lot of freedom. Characteristics that LEGO still embodies very strongly.

Jung von Matt reaps sharp criticism

But Jung von Matt’s creatives also had to contend with headwinds: “The internship agency is one of the largest coppersmiths. Fortunately, developing a campaign is not as important as developing a drug, for example. That’s why underpaid laymen can work in the agencies. Serious consequences for society will not occur”, writes Ben on the website Design made in Germany.

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