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“Geiz ist geil!” – Saturn Advertising Splits The Nation In Two

With consideration of the current movements within the advertising industry it crystallizes out that the classical advertisement of the last two and/or three decades is dead. The situation is different with classical advertising: Mass experiences continue to fascinate people and in the age of eCommerce, they make them take the trouble to stand in front of a Saturn for weeks on end and be one of the first to hold a new gadget in their hands. Why? Because it’s about belonging to a certain group and sharing such incredible moments.

This phenomenon is stimulated by targeted advertising measures such as the Saturn advertisement “Geiz ist geil!” by Jung von Matt. Although the slogan is less well received than, for example, “Drei, zwei, eins, meins” from eBay or “BILD Dir Deine Meinung”, its power lies in the provocation of the content through the interplay of the politically incorrect terms “Geiz” and “geil”.

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The slogan has given a name to an existing trend

As a child, we learned that both are ordinary, but now a Saturn ad comes along and claims exactly the opposite. The slogan itself has not triggered a new trend, rather it has given a name to an existing one. With “Geiz ist geil!”, Jung von Matt has given a bit of support to an emerging attitude to life – and so nobody has to be ashamed anymore when they go shopping at discounters. But what is really behind the trend?

In this case, “stinginess is cool” not only lifted Saturn out of the shadow of its competitor Media Markt, but also split the mood of an entire nation in two. Although Constantin Kaloff’s Saturn advertising has long been outdated, it will legitimize the bargain shopper in 2012 and this is still causing negative reactions today.

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The decision: commodity vs. premium offers

It is in particular the premium brands, which are not to be spoken contrary to the people, positively on the movement of the “savings fox”, although is questionable why? In the end, is it not the equation between commodity and premium offers that needs to be considered? If you save money on your daily shopping, you can afford a Porsche or BMW all the more easily.

In the end, however, it is the positive that outweighs the negative. Thus, Saturn’s advertisement “Geiz ist geil!” has not only generated a lot of PR for the brand but has moved mankind to rethink. On top of that, it has made the name Jung von Matt a little bit more valuable, even if critics accuse the Hamburg agency of being the gravediggers of the brand’s article. But are they?!

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