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Against The Web Madness: Astra Bleibt Analog (80 Ads)

Advertising has to be provocative and off-putting. In the usual typical humor, the Hamburg beer brand Astra points out in three stages what really matters in real life: “A completely undigital, well-chilled Astra in the pub around the corner”.

With the campaign “Astra bleibt analog!” the brand of the Holsten Brauerei is rebelling against the web madness we are currently in: Humanity is just hanging in front of some monitor or touchscreen, no matter if it is a TV, laptop, smartphone or tablet. Responsible for the advertising campaign is the Hamburg-based agency Philipp und Keuntje, who has worked for Astra on several occasions.

The motives of the Astra campaign are more convincing than ever. Not least thanks to the fabulous satire, such as the new Astra “Tatsch-Screen”, a neat women’s ar*** wrapped in silver hot pants. Just as ingenious: “Astra. Now also for Windows” or “Twitter? We’ve been doing it for 30 years.”

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Here you can find all motives of the Astra remains analog advertising campaign

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