Daniel Arsham - Portrait

Daniel Arsham

A traumatic experience in his youth turned Daniel Arsham into an extremely creative architect and artist. The US American has made the reassembly of everyday objects the credo of his artistic work.


Biography of Daniel Arsham

Daniel Arsham was born on September 8, 1980 in Cleveland, Ohio. When he was twelve years old and living with his family in Miami, Hurricane Andrew destroyed their house. Seeing how architecture was demolished within a very short time and how new constructions were created just as quickly in empty places impressed him and had a lasting influence on his artistic work. Arsham attended the Design and Architecture High School in Miami.

For his outstanding scholastic achievements, he received a scholarship to Cooper Union, a prestigious college in New York City. After graduation, he returned to Miami and, with three friends, rented a house with an exhibition space on the first floor.

Daniel Arsham made his breakthrough with The House

As a result of the works he exhibited at The House, Arsham came to the attention of a number of established artists. In 2005, Hedi Slimane commissioned him to design the dressing rooms for the Dior Homme store in Los Angeles. A year later, Arsham was asked by choreographer Merce Cunningham to design the set for his upcoming project. Arsham agreed and worked with Cunningham until he passed away in 2009 at the age of 90.

Together with Alex Mustonen, a fellow student at Cooper Union, Arsham founded the studio Snarkitecture in New York in 2008. Its goal is to transform everyday materials and structures to create new effects. Among other projects, Snarkitecture was responsible for a pavilion at the entrance to the 2012 Design Miami trade show and two installations at Marlins Park, a baseball stadium in Miami completed in 2012.

Daniel Arsham is an exceptional talent: architect, artist, filmmaker and fashion designer

In addition to Snarkitecture, Daniel Arsham is also active as a solo artist. Among other things, he created the exhibition “Reach Ruin” (an anagram for “Hurricane”) at the end of 2012, with which he processed his youth trauma. Among other things, the installation “Storm” was on display there, which simulated a hurricane with light and sound effects. On some days of the exhibition, visitors also experienced a performance under the artistic direction of choreographer Jonah Bokaer. Arsham has collaborated with him regularly since 2009.

In 2014, Arsham founded the production company Films of the Future to provide a visual framework for his artistic work. Titled “Future Relic”, the company produced a total of nine short films through 2018, starring James Franco, Juliette Lewis and Mahershala Ali, among others. In the recent past, Arsham has devoted himself primarily to fashion and designed, for example, the Daniel Arsham X Dior collection. It consists of clothes, shoes and jewelry inspired by Arsham’s artwork.

Quotes of Daniel Arsham

Make things you need to see exist in the world.

- Daniel Arsham

I like to do things in a specific way to make sure they're done correctly, and I'm not willing to sacrifice that for anything.

- Daniel Arsham

Art needs to be a little dangerous.

- Daniel Arsham

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