Museum Kunst der Westküste - Föhr

Museum Kunst der Westküste

The non-profit museum Kunst der Westküste was founded in 2009 by the entrepreneur Prof. Dr. mult. h. c. Frederik Paulsen, whose family comes from Alkersum/Foehr. Located in the centre of the village of Alkersum, it follows on from the history of “Grethjens Gasthof”, the former inn in the village, where artists from Germany and Denmark as well as islanders came to live in the 19th century. To revive this social and artistic meeting place was the reason for the museum's grand foundation and the new building of today's museum restaurant and café.

The museum makes the high-calibre collection of West Coast art accessible to the public and also creates an attractive architectural setting for the presentation of selected loans from Germany and abroad. Thanks to the demanding exhibition programme, the museum has developed into a cultural “lighthouse” with international appeal within a few years.


Hauptstraße 1, 25938 Alkersum/Föhr, Germany
Tel.: +49 (0) 4681-7474-00