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Is The Pantone Color Guide a Copy Of a 300 Years Old Book?


In 1963, with the Pantone Color Guide - also known as the Pantone Matching System - a list of all the colours possible through the combination of 18 basic colours was presented for the first time. In the meantime, the matching system has established itself worldwide in the design and printing industry.

But as it has recently turned out, a book written in Dutch was discovered that, long before the founding of Pantone, mastered the mixing and merging of pigments, capturing and describing all the beautiful shades we see in contemporary art history books. The completeness and condition of the work are particularly impressive!

Artist A. Boogert was the first artist to write a detailed book on colours.

The artist A. Boogert dealt with the treatment of colours in water-based painting more than 300 years ago. In 1692 he wrote an 800-page work, which covers, depicts and describes all possible colours at the time - completely handwritten!

Since the book was created by him completely by hand and was therefore absolutely unique, he made sure that it could hardly get any attention among painters at that time. It was probably one of the most comprehensive and complete works of his time. Even among today's art scholars, the book has not been noticed for a long time or simply “overlooked”.

The digitized version of the Boogert Color Guide

We find it fascinating that the book, which is more than 300 years old, contains such a comprehensive and extensive collection of knowledge as nobody would suspect. If you would like to compare the colours contained in this rarity with the relatively virgin Pantone Matching System, you can have a look at the digitized version of the book and be inspired here.

But what do you think the Color Guide designed by Pantone is just a copy of the 300-year-old book by artist A. Boogert? We look forward to your comment!